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#5 - 2018 review | September & October - Alexander Krieger

In our 2018 review, Leopard Pro Cycling looks back to the season with its riders. In this fifth and final part, Alexander Krieger takes you back to September and October. Months in which Krieger rode a few classic type of races in Belgium and Germany.

"For 2019, I want to further improve myself and simply enjoy cycling."

Also in 2018, Alexander Krieger turned out to be Leopard Pro Cycling's most consistent rider throughout the season. Whether it is the Tour de Normandie (2nd), Circuit des Ardennes (6th) or the Tour de Luxembourg (5th & yellow jersey), the German is there all year long. Coming into the final races of the season, Krieger already took the win at the Cologne Classic and was close to the victory on multiple occasions at the Tour de Normandie, Flèche du Sud and Tour de Luxembourg. To finish off the season strong, the motivation for the GP Jef Scherens - Rondom Leuven was high, even though Krieger crashed hard in training early September. In Leuven, Alexander finished as ninth and came back to Belgium one week later for the Gooikse Pijl and the Famenne Ardenne Classic, all UCI 1.1 races.

Alexander Krieger: "The three Belgian races went well for me. I was happy to be able to perform after my nasty crash in the beginning of September, which knocked me out for some days. In Leuven I sprinted to ninth, at Gooik I came even closer, but I was later disqualified since the jury decided that I didn't respect the rules after chasing back to the peloton after a crash. I am still convinced that I didn't do anything wrong, but that's business and I think I handled it ok. At the Famenne Ardenne Classic I could asnwer with the legs and I could show how competitive I am in long and hard races. In the final climbs I could go with the best and I finished third of the bunch."

What better way to end the season than in your home country? Early October, Alexander Krieger took part in the Münsterland Giro, where he displayed his class. After Krieger missed the first group due to crosswinds, only him, Gaviria and Boasson Hagen were able to bridge the gap to the front. Since Krieger later sprinted to the seventh place, one could easily say that Leopard's German was one of the strongest riders on the day.

Alexander Krieger: "The Münsterland Giro was a really nice race and I am quite proud that I was able to bridge the gap in a hard and decisive situation in the race. I am also proud and happy about my season. I wanted to have fun, I was able to come back strong after crashes and injuries, I was consistent and I did a lot of nice races with good results, especially the amazing week at the Tour de Luxembourg. For 2019, I want to further improve myself and simply enjoy cycling. If this works out, I am sure that the results will be there as well."