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Famenne Ardenne Classic - penultimate race of Leopard's season

There are two more races left this season for Leopard Pro Cycling and the first one is the Famenne Ardenne Classic. This race - as you expect - runs through the Belgian Ardennes and can therefore not be underestimated.

ROSTER: Alexander Krieger, Gaëtan Pons, Charlie Quarterman, Szymon Rekita, Jens Reynders & Mario Spengler - DS: Markus Zingen

It is only the second time that the race is held, after Moreno Hofland won the sprint of a small group in last year's first edition. This UCI 1.1 race has its start and finish in Marche-en-Famenne, which is situated 50 kilometers south of Liège and 90 kilometers east of the Luxembourgish border. The start will be given at the Wallonie Expo venue before the riders head up the road for a 194,5 kilometers long race. The race consists of a big lap of 128,5 kilometers before ending with three smaller local laps of 22 kilometers each. From the start the race heads east where it finds the Côte de Dochamps (3km at 4%) and the Côte de Bonnerue (2,5km at 5,8%) and the well-known cities of Houffalize and La Roche-en-Ardenne on its way.

After the feed zone the riders head back to Marche-en-Famenne, but not before the Côte de Saint-Hubert (4km ât 3%), the Côte d'Awenne (2,3km a 4,5) and the Côte du Crawy (2km a 6,8) have been conquered. As soon as the race enters the final local laps, there is one more obstacle that will be taken four times: the Côte de Charneux (2,6km at 4,3%). Last year, the race ended in a sprint of a small group of about 25 riders. Whatever the outcome will be tomorrow, the race will for sure be hard with lots of climbing and two WorldTour, ten Pro Continental and ten Continental teams at the start. For Leopard Pro Cycling, especially climber Szymon Rekita is very motivated to play an important role.

Szymon Rekita: "The Famenne Ardenne Classic is one of the last races of the season for me and it is no surprise that a selective course like this one suits me well. I am really focussed and I want to finish the season with some more good results for myself and for Leopard. I am motivated to show my quality. The 2018 season of course could be better for me. I made sometimes small mistakes, like at Tour de Jura when I lost the leaders jersey. At the Deutschland Tour I was also very good and I fought with the big names, but those mistakes caused that I just missed out at the decisive moments. These are lessons for the future and will only make me stronger. We keep on fighting every race, starting at the Famenne Ardenne Classic!"