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Gravel roads at Slag om Norg

Roster Slag om Norg: Colin Heiderscheid, Alexander Krieger, Misch Leyder, Jan Maas, Gaëtan Pons, Mario Spengler & Bas van Belle - DS: Gregor Willwohl

187 kilometers of racing and about 50 of them on gravel roads. That's the best summary one can give about Slag om Norg. Next Sunday, it's Leopard Pro Cycling's third participation in this race that has its place on the UCI Europe Tour calendar for the fourth time.

Being a UCI 1.1 race, the Leopard riders will again mix in with some strong (Pro) Continental Tour teams. Starting at noon in Norg, the race takes the riders counter-clockwise through the province of Drenthe, before arriving back in Norg with about 80 kilometers to go. These first 110 kilometers are already challenging with sometimes narrow roads, wide open fields and typical Dutch road furniture. Then, in the five local laps in Norg, the riders will be challenged as they will have to face a numerous amount of unpaved roads, some of them with deep holes. Legs, mind and material will be tested and are a crucial factor if one wants to battle for the victory.

Slag om Norg (UCI 1.1)
11.08 | Norg-Norg | 187 km