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Looking for top result at GP Lillers

Roster: Colin Heiderscheid, Arthur Kluckers, Misch Leyder, Pit Leyder, Filip Maciejuk, Mario Spengler & Bas Van Belle - DS: Gregor Willwohl & Jan Brockhoff

As in the past few seasons, the GP Lillers is one of the first races of the season for Leopard Pro Cycling. With solid results amongst the first finishers in recent years, the team hopes to improve this year and take a top result back home to Luxembourg.

The 54th edition of the GP Lillers - full name Grand Prix de la Ville de Lillers Souvenir Bruno Comini - is based around Lillers, a northern French city. The race consists of ten local laps of 18,6 kilometers each with the start and finish line on the Place Jean Jaurès. Over a total distance of 186 kilometers, the riders will face ten ascents of the Cote de Hurionville, a 500 meter long climb with an average gradient of 4,6%. The riders have to be riding attentive, since recent years have shown that different race outcomes are possible, wheter it be a bunch sprint or a small group to reach the finish line first. For Leopard Pro Cycling, Alexander Krieger finished 14th in 2016, Pit Leyder took places 12 (2017) and 14 (2018), whereas Mario Spengler finished tenth in last year's race, as he was the second fastest of the peloton. At the GP Lillers, Misch Leyder will have his debut for Leopard, just like Arthur Kluckers, Bas Van Belle and sports director Jan Brockhoff.

Misch Leyder: "I am really looking forward to start racing after all the training in the first months of the year. I know that the GP Lillers was a very hard race last year, with extreme weather conditions. I suppose that this year, the wind and maybe also the rain will have an impact on the race, but we will see that tomorrow. For me, it is my very first race with the 'big guys'. Of course, I will give my best and try to help the team as much as possible and gain new experiences and adapt to this new level. We have a young, but strong team and with Pit and Mario guys who finished quite in front last year, so they know the race already well."

GP Lillers (UCI 1.2)
10.03 - Lillers-Lillers | 186 km