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No luck at Slag om Norg

Yesterday, Leopard Pro Cycling rode the Slag om Norg, an UCI 1.1 race in The Netherlands. With strong winds and 30 of the 190 kilometers over gravel roads, the race turned out to be a real elimination race.

Leopard never in contention for the win, despite counter-attack.

The race did not start well for Leopard Pro Cycling as Swiss rider Mario Spengler already crashed after one kilometer into the race due to a broken saddle. Fortunately, the Leopard rider was able to continue his way and after a chase of a few kilometers, he was back in the bunch. This was just in time since the pace was high, in which the strong winds played an important role.

Meanwhile two riders had escaped from the peloton and after a chaotic period with a closed railroad passage, five more riders cranked the gears and made it to the front. The seven leaders were working really well together, giving the bunch all sorts of problems to control the race. Since no team was willing to take up the pace in the peloton, Leopard Pro Cycling took things into their own hands with a duo attack. Jens Reynders and Pit Schlechter went up the road, but never saw the leaders and were eventually reeled back in by the peloton.

Coming into the local laps in Norg, where most of the roads consisted of gravel and deep holes, the advantage of the leaders stayed intact, even tough the first chasing group had a good pace which meant that many riders were being dropped. The sometimes deep gravel sections also took their toll on the leaders until two riders, Jan-Willem Van Schip (Roompot) and Robin Carpenter (Rally), were going to battle for the victory. In the streets of Norg, the latter was unable to beat the Dutch rider. For Leopard, the race was chaotic, but with 'only' three crashes and three flat tires, things could be worse. Off to the next one, where the results will hopefully come Leopard's way again.

Results Slag Om Norg | UCI 1.1
39. Mario Spengler (SUI) + 5'38"
63. Jens Reynders (BEL) + 8'05"
65. Charlie Quarterman (GBR) + 9'05"
71. Gaëtan Pons (LUX) + 22'04"
75. Pit Schlechter (LUX) + 24'20"
80. Jan Brockhoff (GER) + 34'20"