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Pons ends career to become sports director in 2020

At last week's Binche-Chimay-Binche, Leopard Pro Cycling's Gaëtan Pons rode his last race in his cycling career. In 2020, Pons will become sports director for the team. By doing so, Pons follows the footsteps of Jan Brockhoff, who made the same step last season.

Gaëtan Pons joined Leopard Pro Cycling in 2017 and has proven to be an experienced rider, especially on Belgian and Northern-French roads. One could always count on the 27-year-old in races such as GP Marcel Kint, GP Pérenchies and GP Criquielion, to name a few. However, Pons showed some of his most impressive performances at the Tour de Luxembourg and the Deutschland Tour as the Luxembourger did not shy away from an attacking racing style. At the Deutschland Tour 2018, Pons wore the KOM jersey, but unfortunately just missed out on winning the KOM classification. As of 2020, Pons' role will not be any different than previous years, the only difference is that he will trade in two wheels for four.

Gaëtan Pons: "For 2020, I was offered two options by Leopard: continue as a rider or become sports director. After a few days of reflection, I thought that it was maybe the right moment to take another direction in my life and I chose for the second option. Since last week, my cycling career has officially ended, but I am already looking forward to the 2020 season. In the last three years I was always there to help and lead the young riders in the team and next year I will basically do the same. I am really happy to stay at Leopard Pro Cycling, because I have a good feeling with the team. I want to thank all involved for their trust and I hope to play a role in upcoming special moments for the team."