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Rekita moves up to sixth in GC at ŠKODA Tour

The ŠKODA Tour de Luxembourg is approaching it's final stage. With solid results on day three and four, Leopard Pro Cycling has sight on a very satisfying result for the second year in a row.

In yesterday's second stage, an early breakaway was easily formed. It was Leopard's Konrad Gessner who rode away with two fellow attackers and since the German beat both of them in the rush sprints, he was able to give Leopard Pro Cycling the second win in the rushes classification. Nevertheless, the pack had all under control, until the race hit the tough final part with various climbs and a lot of wind. It caused that many riders were dropped and even more attacks took place. Leopard's Rekita was also involved in the front, but it was Pieter Weening who dropped all his fellow attackers and just made it all the way to the line. Not far behind, Alexander Krieger and Pit Leyder crossed the line in respectively seventh and tenth.
However, the fact was that everyone knew that stage three of the ŠKODA Tour de Luxembourg was marked as the queen stage of this year's edition. Right after the start, the peloton split into several pieces due to the high pace and strong wind. After this hectic opening phase, four riders - without Leopard Pro Cycling - formed the break of the day. As the race quickly approached Diekirch, one could sense the nervousness of the pack. The early break was caught back in time and it was just after the penultimate ascent of the climb to the Caserne Grand-Duc Jean when a group of attackers distanced themselves from the bunch. Szymon Rekita brought Leopard in a very good position, being present in this group. The pack lost sight on the escapees and it became clear that they were going to fight for the victory. It never became a real fight, as Cofidis' Jesus Herrada rode away in the first sloping meters and nobody saw him back. Just a few seconds behind, Szymon Rekita had a final push, claiming the seventh position on the day. With just one stage to go, the Pole moves up to position six in the general classification with all to ride for.
GC ŠKODA Tour de Luxembourg (2.HC) - After Stage 3
6. Szymon Rekita (POL) + 0'25"
19. Pit Leyder (LUX) + 1'12"
27. Alexander Krieger (GER) + 1'22"
52. Filip Maciejuk (POL) + 4'51"
83. Gaëtan Pons (LUX) + 18'33"
DNF (S03). Jack Burke (CAN)
DNF (S03). Konrad Gessner (GER)