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The 2019 season has ended in Belgium

Leopard Pro Cycling's 2019 season has come to an end after three days of racing in Belgium. At moments, the riders were able to show themselves, but the results didn't go Leopard's way.

The triptych started with the Tour de l'Eurométropole (1.HC), from La Louvière to Tournai. Beforehand one could expect a typical day in the Belgian office and it turned out to be just so. At about 70 kilometers from the line, Deceuninck-Quick Step cranked the gears and forced the bunch to split. A front group of 32 went clear, unfortunately Leopard missed out, although it was not missing much. Once the decisive moved happened, the Belgian World Tour side controlled the race all the way to the finish line where a bunch sprint decided the winner of the day. It was - surprisingly - Piet Allegaert who was the fastest. Leopard's Colin Heiderscheid was the second fastest in the sprint of the chasing group, which boosted the young Luxembourger's morale.

Tour de l'Eurométropole (1.HC)
32. Colin Heiderscheid (LUX) + 2'02"
45. Filip Maciejuk (POL) + 2'02"
60. Alexander Krieger (GER) + 2'02"
66. Arthur Kluckers (LUX) + 2'02"
69. Jack Burke (CAN) + 2'02"
75. Szymon Rekita (POL) + 2'32"
DNF. Mario Spengler (SUI)

At La DH Famenne Ardenne Classic (1.1), Szymon Rekita represented the Leopard colors in the front group. A front group that consisted of five riders and amongst them was Mathieu Van Der Poel. Because of Van Der Poel's presence, the bunch - led by Team Jumbo-Visma - only allowed the break to create a gap of two minutes maximum. This meant that neutralizing Rekita's attack was unfortunately not that difficult. As the race approached the finish line in Marche-en-Famenne, many attacks took place at the Côte de Roy, the final difficulty on the day. Here, five different riders managed to create a big enough gap to fight for the victory. It was Cofidis' Dimitri Claeys who crossed the line solo, Leopard's Alexander Krieger won the sprint of the second chasing group, claiming position 23.

La DH Famenne Ardenne Classic (1.1)
23. Alexander Krieger (GER) + 0'23"
35. Jack Burke (CAN) + 0'37"
59. Filip Maciejuk (POL) + 8'48"
DNF. Szymon Rekita (POL), Mario Spengler (SUI), Arthur Kluckers & Colin Heiderscheid (LUX)

Four riders were part of the breakaway at Binche-Chimay-Binche (1.1) and they managed to establish a lead of almost four minutes. However, just like the previous races, the bunch had all under control, which meant that there was a complete pack at 60 kilometers from the line. New attacks took place as the race quickly apporached the finish in Binche. First a trio attacked, who were chased down by nine others. Leopard's Colin Heiderscheid was shortly involved as well, but did not make the final cut. Quickly, it became clear that the twelve men in front were making it all the way and it was Belgian Tom Van Asbroek who won the sprint after just under 200 kilometers of racing. Unfortunately, Leopard Pro Cycling was not able to play a big role in the last race of the season. It was again German Alexander Krieger who was the first Leopard rider to cross the line.

Binche-Chimay-Binche (1.1)
31. Alexander Krieger (GER) + 1'24"
44. Filip Maciejuk (POL) + 1'24"
73. Colin Heiderscheid (LUX) + 8'00"
74. Gaëtan Pons (LUX) + 8'00"
79. Jack Burke (CAN) + 9'35"
DNF. Szymon Rekita (POL) & Mario Spengler (SUI)