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Tough Ster van Zwolle leads to 17th place

The Ster van Zwolle is in the books. Rain, snow and wind played an important role and made the race even tougher than expected. Leopard Pro Cycling never really had a huge impact as Jan Maas crossed the line in 17th position.

The race summarized
In the beginning of the race Leopard's Misch Leyder was part of a small breakaway group that did not make it. When the pace in the peloton went up, the bunch split into eight pieces. In the first group of 23, there were no Leopard riders involved. When more groups merged together - also Leopard did their part - Colin Heiderscheid, Jan Maas and Emil Lindgren found themselves back in front. Later, there were new splits formed and the team had to chase once again, this time unsuccesfully. In the end Jan Maas and Colin Heiderscheid finished the race in the top twenty.

1. David Dekker - SEG Racing
17. Jan Maas (NED) + 2'18"
20. Colin Heiderscheid (LUX) + 2'45"
DNF. Patrick Haller (GER), Misch Leyder (LUX), Emil Lindgren (SWE), Filip Maciejuk (POL) & Ken Conter (LUX)

Next race?
03.03 | Le Samyn (1.1) | Belgium

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