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Two Leopard riders on U23 national championships podium

Last weekend, Gippingen hosted the U23 National Championships for Luxembourg, Germany and Swiss. In this combined race, Misch Leyder and Arthur Kluckers showed themselves and finished on the Luxembourgish podium.

After a very fast opening phase, the high pace was set for the rest of the day, making life hard for most riders in the pack. This was noticable when the riders approached the second last lap. On the climb, about 25 riders distanced themselves from the rest, with Leopard's Arthur Kluckers involved. Later, some riders - amongst which Misch Leyder -managed to come back, as we saw a group of about 40 riders heading into the final lap. Here, Kluckers launched an attack, and also Leyder had a go, but it was not enough to get away. An uphill sprint was going to decide for the victory. Ken Conter was the fastest, sending Leopard's Kluckers and Leyder to positions two and three. In the Swiss' race, Mario Spengler was not able to battle for the victory as he crossed the line in sixth.
Misch Leyder: "The race was really hard and we entered the final lap in a small group with 3 Luxembourgish riders, including Arthur and me. On the last climb I joined a small group, but we were soon caught back. In the final kilometers, Arthur attacked but he did not succeed in escaping either, so it came down to a final uphill sprint. Of course, it is a big dissappointment for the team and me to not get the national champions jersey back, but it only motivates me to work even harder and come back stronger next year."
Arthur Kluckers: "I am quite happy with the result if you take in consideration that I was not able to train properly for five weeks because of my final exams. In the second last lap, the peloton went full gas on the hardest climb of the course. I managed to stay in front and in the end, I did my best to get away and to sprint but it was not enough to win. Looking forward to the next races, I am quite confident because my shape is coming back slowly but surely."
Result U23 Luxembourgish Championship (NC)
2. Misch Leyder (LUX) + 0'02"
3. Arthur Kluckers (LUX) + 0'04"
8. Colin Heiderscheid (LUX) + 7'14"
9. Pit Leyder (LUX) + 7'15"

Result U23 Swiss Championship (NC)

14. Mario Spengler (SUI) + 6'17"