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Up next: Ster van Zwolle and Le Samyn

Coming from Mallorca and Antalya, Leopard Pro Cycling heads back north, for races in The Netherlands and Belgium. On Saturday, the team will race at Ster van Zwolle (UCI 1.2), on Tuesday, Le Samyn (UCI 1.1) awaits.

The Races
The Ster van Zwolle is the traditional opening race of the Dutch cycling season. This race is back on the UCI 1.2 calendar and the startlist consists of the strongest Dutch continental and national teams, complemented by strong teams from abroad. A windy, rainy day is expected through the Overijssel province with it's dikes and open roads. After 179,1 kilometers, the race arrives back in Zwolle to determine the race winner.

Le Samyn is a 201,9 kilometers long race from Quaregnon to Dour. In Dour, a local circuit with five cobbled sections will play an important role in the race scenario. As the riders have to cover this local lap four times and finish on a slightly uphill road, the winner is expected to be a very strong rider.

Previous years
For Leopard, it will be the fourth time the team will be at the start line of the Ster van Zwolle. Best results so far were the 10th position of Alex Kirsch in 2014 and Krieger's eleventh position in 2016.

In 2011, Leopard won Le Samyn as German Dominik Klemme took the victory in front of his teammate Robert Wagner in third. Since then, Leopard has done the race two more times, unfortunatley without any notable results.

Who is riding?
Ster van Zwolle: Ken Conter (LUX), Patrick Haller (GER), Colin Heiderscheid (LUX), Misch Leyder (LUX), Emil Lindgren (SWE), Jan Maas (NED), Filip Maciejuk (POL) - DS: Gaëtan Pons (LUX)

Le Samyn: Patrick Haller (GER), Colin Heiderscheid (LUX), Arthur Kluckers (LUX), Emil Lindgren (SWE), Jan Maas (NED), Filip Maciejuk (POL), Mattias Skjelmose Jensen (DEN) - DS: Gaëtan Pons (LUX)