Aiming for a top result at the Oberösterreich Rundfahrt

With great results in recent races, one will see a motivated Leopard Pro Cycling  team at the start line of the Oberösterreich Rundfahrt.

Oberösterreich Rundfahrt (UCI 2.2)
10.06 | Prologue Linz | 0.7 km
11.06 | Wels - Maria Schmolln | 163.9 km
12.06 | Efferding - Oberneukirchen | 142.9 km
13.06 | Traun - Hinterstoder | 124.6 km

The team is heading for Austria, which automatically means that there will be a lot of climbing on the menu. The race starts with a very short prologue in Linz, but a difficult one beacuse the last 200 meters have a 9.4% incline. Stage two takes the riders from Wels to Maria Schmolln. One can not find one meter of flat road during this not to be underestimated stage. The finish is positioned after two local laps, and is uphill for the last kilometer.

In the penultimate stage, the peloton rides to Oberneukirchen. In this stage, one can find again plenty of altitude meters. The finish line is there after 3.8 kilometers of climbing at 4%. The riders will already know this finish, as the race passes the line earlier in the stage, after 63 kilometers. It will be a very fair ending to this year's race as the riders will have to conquer the Hinterstoder climb to conclude the entire race. With 9.8 kilometers at 8.1%, this climb will for sure put the strongest rider on the higest podium step.

Leopard Pro Cycling starts the race with six eager riders, with two of them who have proven themselves in recent races. One of them is Jan Maas, the other is Arthur Kluckers, the new U23 Luxembourgish champion on the road and the fourth of the general classification of the U23 Course de la Paix.

Who are riding?
Loïc Bettendorff (LUX), Louis Coqueret (FRA), Miguel Heidemann (GER), Colin Heiderscheid (LUX), Arthur Kluckers (LUX) & Jan Maas (NED) - DS: Gregor Willwohl (GER)


Arthur Kluckers, U23 Luxembourgish champion & 4th in U23 Course de la Paix

"I am looking forward to the Oberösterreich Rundfahrt. Recent races have shown that I am on the right path and from now on I want to make every race count. At the Course de la Paix, we had a big climb, which was for me the first big test on a major climb on the U23 level since about one and a half year. In the Oberösterreich Rundfahrt there will be again a very big climb, so I am especially looking forward to that stage."


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