Report: Heiderscheid leads Leopard at Dookoła Mazowsza & Puchar MON

After months without racing, Leopard Pro Cycling was to be found at the start line of a race again. Last week, the riders took on the Polish Dookoła Mazowsza and Puchar MON races, where Colin Heiderscheid brought back home the respectively twelfth and ninth position in the results.

The races summarized
The Dookoła Mazowsza had a false start as the first stage had to be cancelled during the day, because of a bad accident between two vehicles up the road. The restart to Leopard Pro Cycling’s season started therefore with the 2.2 kilometers long time trial on the second day. Despite the rain and difficult conditions, gaps were of course not too big and Miguel Heidemann, Colin Heiderscheid and Patrick Haller were still well in the mix. Also on day three, Leopard looked very strong, with Szymon Rekita and again Miguel and Patrick present in a front group of seventeen. Of this group, three riders attacked and because nobody took responsibility, they were able to fight for the victory. The riders had one more chance to redeem themselves, and it was Jan Maas who was part of the breakaway in the closing stage. Unfortunately the peloton was too strong. As Colin Heiderscheid gathered three bonification seconds on the way, he was able to move up and conclude the race in twelfth overall, but much more was for sure possible.

On Sunday, the team continued with taking the start at the Puchar MON race. The Leopard riders were eager to improve on earlier results and were present in almost all breakaways, but it took very long before a good one was established. It was again Jan Maas who was part of the right group, but the dutchman was this time caught at only four kilometres from the finish line. The race – with an average speed of 48 km/h – went to a bunch sprint finish, where Leopard’s Patrick Haller led out Colin Heiderscheid, who sprinted to ninth position.

Result Dookoła Mazowsza
1. Michael Kukrle – Elkov-Kasper
12. Colin Heiderscheid (LUX) + 0'43"
24. Miguel Heidemann (GER) + 0'46"
27. Patrick Haller (GER) + 0’46”
42. Jan Maas (NED) + 0'49"
75. Misch Leyder (LUX) + 0'55"
77. Szymon Rekita (POL) + 0'56"

Result Puchar MON
1. Felix Gross – Germany National Team
9. Colin Heiderscheid (LUX) s.t.
14. Patrick Haller (GER) s.t.
30. Jan Maas (NED) + 0'10"
31. Miguel Heidemann (GER) + 0'10"
35. Szymon Rekita (POL) + 0'10"
36. Misch Leyder (LUX) + 0'10"

Next race?
06-09.08 | Czech Cycling Tour (2.1) | Czech Republic

Gaëtan Pons, Sports Director

"We saw already the first two days that our riders were motivated and in good shape. We were always present when we needed to be, except in the group of three riders on stage three of the Dookoła Mazowsza. This decided the overall victory, so we were not able to take home the result we hoped for. Nevertheless, morale and fighting spirit remained high and we for sure showed the Leopard colours throughout the entire Dookoła Mazowsza and Puchar MON races. It was nice to be back on track and get into a racing rhythm again."


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