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First day of free practices in Qatar for the Leopard Racing

The 2020 season is already underway and after the first two practice sessions of today, Spaniard Jaume Masia has finished the 8th and Italian Dennis Foggia the 22th.
This is going to be a very tricky and particular weekend. Although the Leopard Racing is giving its best as customary, we can’t forget the current situation of the Championship. We miss a lot all our Italian colleagues as well of MotoGP riders and the rest of the staff . The paddock isn't the same, the regular feeling is weird and the only thing we can say is "let’s hope for the best" with the coronavirus situation. Meanwhile, there’s work to do: FP1 and FP2 have taken place under different circumstances as the first one was under the heat of Qatar and the second with some darkness and lower temperatures. Of course, that means a lot of work and the capacity to adapt to every single condition. The whole crew has pushed until the very last moment but the final attempt to set a fast lap hasn’t gone as planned, as both of them have found some traffic and that has jeopardized their respective chances. At the end of the day, Jaume Masia has finished the 8th and Dennis Foggia the 22th. In any case, the overall feeling is positive and as the sessions go by, both riders seem to get more confidence with their new bikes. 
Now it’s time to keep working and be ready for Saturday, everything can happen and the team will fight to get the most of the Losail International Circuit!
#5 Jaume Masia, 8th
“I’m happy, we still need to work during the FP3 but we’ve managed to set a decent time. We will keep working to find the best feeling but we’ve already made a step. Let’s see if we find something else tomorrow!”
#7 Dennis Foggia, 22th
"Overall the day has been positive. Tomorrow during the FP3 we will work to get to Q2 in order to start as in front as possible on Sunday race. We will keep working like this and we will do another step".