Grand Prix of France: Saturday

Without any doubt, it’s been an absolute challenging Saturday. Rain, bad track conditions, and crashes have resulted in the worst qualifying day of the season so far.


These are the reasons why:

  • Dennis Foggia went from Q1 to Q2, and will finally start tomorrow from the 18th spot of the grid.
  • During the FP3 Xavi Artigas suffered two crashes: after the first one (rider was ok), the team managed to fix the bike and Xavi had time to push again on track.
  • Just at the end of the FP3, Artigas crashed for the second time. Due to it, our rider had a wound on one of the fingers of his left hand, nothing serious. But for safety reasons, the staff of the medical center decided to send Xavi to the hospital.
  • Right now Xavi is at the hospital undergoing a head and neck scanner by safety, following protocols. We will add further information throughout the afternoon. The important thing is that at this moment he feels good.
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