Grand Prix of Germany: Friday

The Le0pard Racing has done the first day at the German track, the rollercoaster of Sachsenring! The circuit has welcomed us with super warm weather: a shinning sun and hot temperatures are in charge of everything. 


These are the main facts of today’s action on track:

  • Both Le0pard riders started the morning in shape: they were among the first 10 spots of the classification, and finally, at the end of the FP1 Dennis Foggia set the 6th fastest lap time and Xavi the 18th.
  • Overall our riders had done a positive weekend’s start. They claimed to feel good on track despite heavy temperatures.
  • In the afternoon, when trying to improve the morning records, both riders found different conditions, and at the checkered flag, Dennis Foggia was the 8th and teammate Xavi Artigas the 20th.
  • Despite results aren’t yet what the whole team wants, we are on the way and the day has been quite positive!
It’s been a positive Friday. Without any doubt, these hot temperatures don’t help at all but we are trying our best, pushing and always looking to be as in front as possible. We’ll work hard tomorrow to secure our position and we’ll keep fighting to give our best”.
Dennis Foggia,
I felt good on the FP1 both riding alone without references and also with other riders in front. The feeling has been positive, unluckily we’ve missed a perfect lap. In the afternoon it was hotter and more difficult, but I’ve managed to equal this morning’s lap time. We’ll try to push tomorrow on the FP3 in order to go straight to Q2”.
Xavi Artigas,
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