Catalan Grand Prix: a race to forget

A very difficult Sunday in Barcelona has ended up with both Le0pard riders crashing at the last lap when trying to grab some points. These have been the highlights of the day:


  • Dennis Foggia started from the 16th spot of the grid and teammate Xavi Artigas from the 18th. They had to face quite of a comeback race but they had solid options to fight.
  • As the laps went by, the Italian and the Spaniard tried to overtake riders, they were always battling for the 10th position but rivals didn’t make it easy.
  • In the end, on the very last lap, both riders have been involved in an incident and they’ve crashed alongside another rider. The three of them are fine.
  • Let’s keep working, let’s try to forget this weekend and try again in two weeks!
It’s been a difficult race. I’ve tried to push but we were all fighting and it was very tight. The incident at turn 8 was a pity, but luckily the three involved of us are fine. Let’s try again in Germany!
Dennis Foggia,
We wanted to make the most of this race and it hasn’t been possible. It was difficult to overtake other riders, but the important thing after the crash is that we are fine. Let’s keep working and try again in Germany!
Xavi Artigas,
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