Catalan Grand Prix: Saturday

Saturdays of qualifying are always one of the weekend keys. Today we’ve tried to get the best result possible and despite grid positions aren’t what we wanted, there have been some positive things:


  • Dennis Foggia ended up the 8th on the FP3 and managed to go straight to Q2.
  • Teammate Xavi Artigas had to go through Q1 but set a lap time that allowed him to try his chances on Q2.
  • At the final session, when it was crunch time, the team and the riders tried to set their strategy to be as in front as possible, but rivals were strong and fast too and didn’t make things easy.
  • Tomorrow Dennis Foggia will start from the 16th spot of the grid and Xavi Artigas from the 18th.
  • The Le0pard riders will have to overtake riders immediately but in Moto3 everything can happen, as we already know.
  • This is our lucky charm circuit, let’s keep working and hope for the best. Are we going to make history again?
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