Unexpected Saturday for the Le0pard Racing

Le0pard rider Dennis Foggia will start tomorrow from the 14th spot of the grid and teammate Jaume Masia from the 28th. A truly difficult Saturday for the blue squad.


We were supposed to start Saturday with sun (or at least just clouds) and a dry surface, but things haven’t been exactly like that. Consistent and intense rain has been appearing throughout the morning and it’s been impossible to improve yesterday’s lap times. That means that after the FP3 results, Dennis Foggia and Jaume Masia weren’t straight on Q2 and had to go through Q1. Both had chances to cross the first qualifying session and apparently everything could go right.

But in the afternoon, at crunch time and on his lap attacks, Masia found traffic on track and had to slow down. That jeopardized his options and couldn’t get to Q2. On the other side of the box, Italian Dennis Foggia did a good job and managed to be in Q2. It kept raining which created a tricky situation, and finally Dennis crossed the line the 14th. The Italian will occupy tomorrow that spot of the grid and Jaume the 28th. It will be time for the Spaniard to push harder than ever in order to get to the front!

Let’s keep working, today Masia’s bike has been the fastest (226.1km/h) and Dennis’ one the 3rd (but setting the same maximum speed), everything can happen tomorrow!

I’m happy because we’ve managed to get to Q2. It’s been a difficult day as I didn’t feel safe with the kind of wet conditions we had but the main thing is that tomorrow will probably be a dry race so we need to do a great start and try to be as in front as possible”.
Dennis Foggia,
It’s going to be a comeback race without any doubt as I’ll have many riders in front of me. Today’s been difficult because I found some traffic and another rider’s crash when I was on my flying lap attempts. The good thing is that I feel good on the bike and I’ll fight to do the best possible”.
Jaume Masia,
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