Grand Prix de France: Sunday

Le0pard Racing completes the French Grand Prix with a comeback race from Adrián Fernández, who takes 6th place today, while rookie Ángel Piqueras crosses the finish line in 10th:

  • Cloudy skies greeted us for race day at Le Mans.
  • Le0pard Racing started today’s race from the second and third rows of the grid, with Adrián Fernández sitting in the 4th spot and Ángel Piqueras in the 9th.
  • In a challenging start to the race, both Le0pard riders remained around their starting positions, with Adrián Fernández overtaking to retake 4th place while Ángel Piqueras held onto 9th.
  • Having to serve a Double Long Lap penalty, Adrián Fernández pushed hard in the early stages of the race as he overtook for 3rd, but sat in 21st place after completing his penalty 16 laps to go.
  • Ángel Piqueras started to climb up places as he put in a fast pace, reaching 4th when it was 16 laps to go. The Spaniard dropped down a few positions after, but kept on fighting within the leading group, placing 5th with 9 laps to go.
  • In the meantime, Adrián Fernández had begun with his comeback from 21st, recovering positions until he sat in 8th with 7 laps to go, pushing to catch the leading group.
  • Ángel Piqueras started to struggled towards the final stages of the race, losing a few positions and crossing the finish line in 10th place at the end.
  • For his part, Adrián Fernández continued to push until the chequered flag, completing his comeback race in 6th position, having made up no less than fifteen places.
  • Barcelona is up next!
“I learned a lot today. I lost a lot of time due to the Double Long Lap penalty, but in spite of it, I was able to find a great pace and recover positions little by little. I would’ve like to push a bit harder in the last laps, but overall I’m really happy with the outcome of this race and I’m eager for the next one!”
Adrián Fernández
“Today I keep the positives of the race, because I felt strong and we had a great first half of the race. However, a clash with another rider caused me to have problems with the rear brake from that moment onwards. I’m already looking forward to Barcelona!”
Ángel Piqueras
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